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Welcome to the first Nihongogogo Japanese giveaway!

How do you make learning Japanese fun?

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Self study is a great way to learn Japanese but it can be a big challenge sometimes. We all benefit if we share ideas and resources and create  supportive learning environment. SO… in the spirit of encouraging people to share ideas to make learning fun and keep yourself motivated when you’re studying alone I thought I’d host this giveaway.

How do you make learning Japanese fun?

It’s a simple question, but sometimes a tough one to answer, especially when it comes to overcoming dips in motivation or drilling grammar.

I’m looking for suggestions that are creative, original, inventive and that work well for people who are studying by themselves without a class or teacher. Your idea can be a general learning technique, a resource you’ve designed, description of a game you’ve made up, a new way to use an existing resource like a set of flashcards. You can also submit links original videos, audio files or images you’ve created. You can check out the competition and see other peoples’ entries on the Past submissions page here.

I’ll read all submissions and publish the best on Nihongogogo, so even if you don’t win your idea might get promoted. 

P L E A S E  R E B L O G,  T H E N 

S U B M I T    Y O U R   E N T R Y



All prize winners will be featured and followed by Nihongogogo.

There are 4 prizes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for great ideas /resources submitted PLUS a random prize draw out of the Nihongogogo followers that submit and entry. You can as enter many separate ideas or resources as you like for the big prizes, but each follower’s name will only be put in once for the random prize draw. Non-followers will NOT be entered into the random prize draw.

1st Prize:

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:


EVERY FOLLOWER who enters will also have their name entered to the random prize draw. Each Nihongogogo follower who makes a submission will have their name entered once into the random prize draw. Non-followers will NOT be entered into the random prize draw. If you make multiple submissions your name will still only be entered into the prize draw once, to avoid spam etc.

Rules & other information:

1. The competition runs until midnight* on 30th April 2014.

2. This competition is open to followers and non-followers alike, but there will be an extra prize draw open to followers only.

3. Entrants must be 18 or over in principle. Any entrants under the age of 18 need to get permission from a parent or guardian to enter. If a prize winner is under 18 then they will need to get their parents’ permission to give me their address for shipping+.

5. By submitting your idea/resource you agree to allow me to publish and share the idea through Nihongogogo.tumblr.com, although you retain full copyright and credit will be given to you each time it is mentioned/published.

6. All ideas MUST be your own, no stealing resources from the internet please!

7. Submissions are publicly viewable through the submissions page, so please be aware that you will be sharing your work on a public platform and include watermarks etc in images as they may be reblogged by others.

7. This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr.

8. Nihongogogo reserves the right to revise rules within reason (e.g. if I become flooded with spam entries etc.). Decisions regarding prizes are final.

 *Japanese time =UTC/GMT +9 hours

+I will only contact prize winners, so please don’t PM me your address unless I specifically contact you to say you’ve won!


This is part 1 of my JLPT N5: i-adjectives. It has ten adjectives that you should know, with another 10 in my PART 2! <——click 

The first row is the kanji, then the hiragana and the English meaning for the word. ^^ 

I’m referencing the words off of the list found here: http://nihongoichiban.com/2011/08/03/list-of-i-adjectives-for-the-jlpt-n5/


Here is the second lot in my JLPT N5 i-adjectives posts~! ^^ 

You can find the first one here: PART 1!

The list has the kanji (which might not be commonly used for the word), the hiragana and the English equivalent. 

The word 面白い also means “funny”, but for the life of me I just couldn’t get it to fit. 


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